For the last four years I have turned my attention to drawing. These are large scale charcoal drawings 150.c.m. by 150 c.m. which now take five months to do. this is the means by which I have been able to review my arts practice in order to move on. By drawing intuitivly and with no preplanned end product, I have delved into memory, personal and cultural in order to discover what I am thinking about on a deep level.

My interest in ‘The Mask’ has wained over this period as I look beyond my interest in archetypal human charactyer and look to see how the human animal fits into the wider world of nature…animal, vegetable, geological and of course the overarching quetion of TIME…deep time. These works are highly personal and therfor have been part therapy especially over the past two years of COVID.

Willow Patterm charcaol on paper 150 c.m. x 150 c.m. 2018
Vitruvian Man charcaol on paper 150c.m. x 150 c.m. 2019
The Watchers charcoal on paper 150cm x 150 c.m. 2020
Shelter charcoal on paper. 150 c.m. x150 c.m. 2020
Cave Wall:1 charcoal on paper 150 c.m. x 150 c.m. 2021
Cave Wall:2 Dancing charcoal on paper 150 c.m. x 150 c.m. 2022
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