Performance arts
Member: Nasa- The National Association of Street Artists. The of creative practitioners making work for the outdoors.

The Delegates street theatre performancewas devised at the Mintfest International Summer School for Street Arts (MISSSA) 2011 under the direction of Briab Popay of Fine Artistes. Performed at Mintfest in Kendal and at Derby Feste.
After formally opening their International Institute of Insectology conference, The Delegates act upon their civic duty to inform and warn the public that a swarm of mutating insects are travelling towards the conference venue via InterRail. As the insect swarm arrives, The Delegates take inceasingly drastic, and at times comic measures to p
rotect the public from infection and mutation. Despite the vigilance against the insect threat, one of The Delegates is bitten and undergoes a dramatic metamorphosis. The remaining and resolutely human insectologists seek to contain and manage the mutant creature.

Director: Brian Popay
Insectologists: Ben Adams, Antoinette Burchill, Stephen Jon, Sarah McCluskey and William Trevelyan. (collation of images, video and text) videos photos booking info Photo: coutesy of David Culleton

Dame/Boy Stephen Jon solo walk-about act. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.
Wordless old lady engages with the public who project their own stories onto her. What is her story and why is she carrying the healthy young man on her back?

Lambley Arts Festival, 2009, Sherwood Arts Week, 2009,
Theatre Royal, Nottingham, OpenDay 2010,Yeoman Park School 2009 - 11 Cuba Garden Party, Nottingham 2011
Photo: courtesy of Richard Frost

The Lady Stephen Jon solo walk-about Act.
Elegant tall lady who floats through life, smelling flowers, shaking hands with strangers, making friends with all comers. by Anthony McCourt (

Sherwood Arts week 2009 Theatre Royal, Nottingham, OpenDay 2010 Yeoman Park School, 2009 - 11
Photo: courtesy of David Longford

Los Tagueros Stephen Jon solo walk-about act. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.
Dark imagery, half beautiful young people and half skeletal. Inspired by Mexican Day of the Dead.

Sherwood Arts Week 2009,
Nottingham Milla Longa St. Valentine's Ball 2011

Photo:courtesy of Karen McCloud ##

Moon Men Walk About Duo, Stephen Jon with Nabil Musa.
Contemporary take on the classic Hobby Horse., with masked riders, clashing swords and proto-folk dancing.

Sherwood Christmas Craft Fair 2009. Lambley Jacks Cowslip tales 2010 Photo: courtesy of Gina Musa ##